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Orlando Dog Training

"Down Home" is an attitude and an outlook on life. It is a laid back, simplistic, wholesome lifestyle that is comfortable and familiar.  We want this kind of relationship for our clients and their dogs! In the midst of the busy city of Orlando, we build family members: reliable, comfortable, predictable, down home dogs.


What is "Down Home"?


Who is Down Home Dog Training?

Certified Canine Behaviorist and Trainer Lindsay Smithson specializes in relationships between humans and their dogs. Lindsay holds the esteemed title of CBCC-KA through the internationally accredited Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). This certification is awarded after an extensive application process including a minimum of 500 logged hours of behavioral intervention experience, approval and recommendations from Veterinarians and other canine professionals, and is followed by a very difficult exam with a pass rate of only 56%.  The exam tests knowledge of science-based applications of Applied Behavior Analysis, Biology and Anatomy, Ethology, Body Language & Observational Skills, Health, Development, Life Stages, Consulting Skills & Best Practices and Scientific Method. As of November 2013, there were only 74 CBCC-KAs worldwide.  


Lindsay Smithson, B.A., CBCC-KA started her career 8 years ago with exotic animal care and research at the University of Tennessee and the Knoxville Zoo. She earned her B.A. degree with a core focus on animal behavior leading to a publication on Lowland Gorilla Behavior in the Hellbender Press: Environmental Journal. Upon graduating she accepted a position with Joel Slaven’s Professional Animals to train and perform in SeaWorld’s domestic animal show, Pets Ahoy! The show used operant conditioning to train a variety of animals including dogs, cats, skunks, birds, and pigs. Ultimately feeling a pull to get more engaged in training pets and focusing on behavioral modification, Lindsay left the show to accept a position with PetSmart as Area Trainer. The role was to hire, train, and manage Pet Trainers throughout Central Florida and educate students on the correct use of positive reinforcement training methodology. During her time as AT, Lindsay concurrently took on the role of Enrichment Specialist at a wildlife sanctuary to develop a novel program geared to foster an enriching environment for all resident exotic and native wildlife. In 2011 Lindsay became a CGC Evaluator for the American Kennel Club and began training Therapy Dogs in alliance with Therapy Dogs International. After completing years of corporate dog training and management, the ultimate and final step was to start a company that fully mirrored Lindsay’s preferred method of training and wholly reflected her goals for her clients and their beloved dogs.


Lindsay, along with her husband Joel, and her two dogs Remington (German Shepherd) and Cubbie (Rottweiler) are the owners and operators of Down Home Dog Training. Down Home Dog Training is not just a company, but a community, that encourages an enriched lifestyle for dogs and their families. Courses include Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience, Tricks, Therapy Dog Training, Service Dog Training, and our newest addition Dog Agility. We also offer Behavioral Modification through our Boot Camp programs or private in-home sessions. Whether you are experiencing unwanted behavior or are just looking to have some fun with your furry friend, we want to be there to help strengthen this important relationship.

Orlando Dog Trainer with group of dogs
Rottweiler and German Shepherd in training
Training Philosophy:

Down Home Dog Training believes in keeping it simple, predictable, and loving through positive reinforcement training techniques. This form of training is not only more relaxing for both dog and handler, it is scientifically proven to be the most effective form of training canines. We use science-based methods that are proven safe, effective, and harm free and do NOT utilize or allow aversive training equipment including prong collars, choke chains, or electronic collars. Our success is in building trust with a dog and then shaping the behavior we want by rewarding the dog through patterned pursuit! Most unwanted dog behavior is simply a misunderstanding or breakdown in communication, once the misunderstanding is identified we can begin reinforcing the expected and desired behavior and train a dog that is perfect for your lifestyle!


Training Affiliation:


Lindsay Smithson has 8 years of animal behavior experience and has trained well over 1,000 dogs in the Orlando area. Please click here "Testimonials" for referrals.
Below are some of Lindsay's affiliations in the dog community:



Certified Behavioral Consultant, Canine (Knowledge-Assessed)


Consultant Dog Trainer and Canine Behaviorist  
Trainer and Performer for SeaWorld's feature show Pets Ahoy!
AKC CGC Evaluator
Behavioral Consultant for A.B.B.A Conformation Event


Dog Consultant for Annual Barks and Brews Event

Area Trainer (teaching and certifying other Pet Trainers throughout Central Florida)

Animal Behavior and Enrichment Program Specialist

Trainer for the TDI Certification Test



Dog with cat
Animal behavior training

"I started my career with animal training in 2006 at The Knoxville Zoo with a Chimpanzee named Lou. My first training project was teaching him how to count to five using his digits. After seeing the significant look in his eyes when he was able to crack the human  code of communication I knew I could do nothing else but continue to teach it!"
Lindsay Smithson

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