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Dog boot camps and overnight training

Down Home Dog Boot Camp

This may be the perfect training option if you have problems controlling your dog, they have significant and/or well-developed behavioral issues, OR if you simply do not have the time to train your dog yourself! In a training camp, we will help you change EVERYTHING. We will develop an exercise regime, train a list of obedience commands, integrate your dog into our pack to teach proper socialization, and most importantly we will conquer "immersion training" by desensitizing your dog to different environments (parks, vets, ect) that might trigger unwanted behavior. At the end of the "camp" we will have a training session with you (the pet parent) to show you everything they have learned, give you a list of their learned commands (how/when to use them), and teach you how to maintain the training and stay in control! We have daily pickups or overnight options for this program.


Why is our camp different than others?

The DHDT Boot Camp facility is our home. They will not be in a “boarding” scenario or in a large training facility that might trigger anxious energy, but instead, will be in a comfortable, safe, atmosphere that is meant to simulate the environment of their own home. This is not only advantageous for their comfort, but also for the “transfer of training”. Another thing that makes us unique is that we only take ONE dog at a time for boot camps so that we can give them our complete attention. In their stay with us we treat them like they are one of our own, teaching them the same principles, rules, and boundaries that are own dogs are expected to follow:  sitting until released to eat, waiting at open doors, going to their predetermined “spot” when prompted, leaving the cats alone (haha), ect. Because they are in our home, we are essentially training around the clock using all positive reinforcement techniques and scientifically proved methods to achieve desired results.


Pick up/Drop off Boot Camp


Overview: 5 (1 1/2hr) sessions total; 4 consecutive sessions with Trainer and 1 session at the end with dog/Pet Parent/Trainer.

Description: This option is great for those pesky problem behaviors (Pulling on the leash, jumping, socialization issues, barking, ect) that need acute repetition and desensitization in order to modify unwanted behavior. The sessions for these types of problems need to be consecutive for consistency purposes and maximum effectiveness! This camp is not an overnight stay, the Trainer will pick up and drop off daily for your convenience.

Price: $500.00 per camp (travel add-on may apply for homes outside of downtown area)


Overnight Boot Camp, “Board and Train”


Overview: This is a 7 day (6 nights) personalized camp. Includes a customized daily regiment for your dog, a list of commands and users guide/class of how to maintain, and a customized exercise routine. *Extended boot camp option for complex behavioral modification cases may be recommended.


Description: In this all-inclusive boot camp option your dog will be introduced to basic-advanced obedience commands (dependent on age) and introduced to a myriad of new scenarios. We will train your dog for life; taking them to veterinary offices, restaurants, different parks, anywhere we feel your dog may benefit from desensitization and training. We will have you write out a list of goals that you would love to see accomplished in the camp and talk about realistic expectations for outcome. We will customize an exercise routine to meet your dog’s individual needs (age, breed, energy level) and include it with our assessment so you can maintain at your home. We will also include a list of commands that your dog will now respond to and even have a training session with you (the Pet Parent) at the end of the camp to show you how far your dog has come and demonstrate a new, suggested, routine that will ensure maximum adaptability to your home and your life! Essentially we will treat you dog like our own; giving them rules, boundaries, expectations, and most of all love!

Price: $1,000.00 for the week (message for extended stay pricing)

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