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Training Programs

Down Home Dog Training offers several types of training programs to meet the needs of our clients. Let us know your expectations for your dog and we can recommend a curriculum that will successfully achieve your training goals.

Immersion or "Life Training"

Private In-Home Training

Trick Training/ Assisted Living Behaviors

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification and Title

​Therapy Dog Training

English bulldog learns the “bow” trick
Distraction training at Lake Eola and leash walking and “leave it”

Immersion or "Life Training"
*This is the DHDT preferred method of training.
Wouldn't it be great to be able to take your dog on a walk, to a restaurant, to a park, to a farmer's market,  or even a packed outdoor event and be able to actually have fun without worrying about their behavior? Having the peace of mind your dog will behave consistently no matter the environment is invaluable and being able to include our dogs in the fun is what being a pack is all about! That is why we love to do "life training".
How it works: We will pick a "hot spot" location (typically Lake Eola) and work on shaping your dogs behavior to be ideal around all types of people, dogs, squirrels (and other wildlife), ect you name it we condition it! The real-life distractions will set the stage and allow us to improve walking technique, perfect commands even with distractions. practice proper greeting for people and other dogs, and correct other common issues that dog owners face in their day to day lives.
Why it works: Hard truth, if you only train your dog in the quite comfort of your living room, that is the only place you will be able to gain control. In order to confidently guide your dog in a distracting "real-life" situation, you need to train them in a "real-life" situation. We specialize in training family members, let us help your dog adjust perfectly to your lifestyle!

Price: $80 per session (1 hr) or $280 for 4 hour package

Private in-home dog training in Orlando; downtown Orlando, Winter Park, College Park, Conway, and Thornton Park.
​Private In-Home Training

This may be the suitable option for puppies with potty training issues, beginner level dogs with no previous training, house related problem behavior concerns, or aggressive dogs. We will customize a training curriculum to modify any unwanted behaviors and teach beginner through advanced level commands.

Price: $80 per session (1 hr) or $280 for 4 hour package

(additional travel charge may apply)

German Shepherd balances ball on nose dog trick.

Trick Training/ Assisted Living Behaviors
The fun stuff! If a dog can physically do something, we can teach it as a trick. Those who say "tricks aren't useful" have clearly never trained with us.  We teach dogs to bring beverages from the fridge (and close the door back), pick up their toys, bring the remote, and pick up anything that is accidentally dropped by their owners. Not interested in putting your dog to work? We can teach your dog to do cute things too (rollover, crawl, dance, speak, ect). Lack of sufficient mental stimulation can be the root of some problem behaviors (like destructive chewing) so teaching your dog new things will force them to use that brain power for good.... and it is so fun to watch them learn!!

Price: $80 per session (1 hr) or $280 for 4 hour package

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator in Orlando
Become a Therapy Dog in Orlando

Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification and Title
The CGC certification is the American Kennel Club (AKC)'s way of rewarding responsible dog owners. This certification has growing benefits and is recognized by a number of insurance companies, HOA's, apartment complexes, and boarding facilities. This certification is recommended for all dogs who meet the requirements, and for those who do not we offer specific training to achieve certification. We especially recommend this certification for breeds that have the "aggressive dog" stigma as a way of advocating for their exceptional disposition.​
Click here for detailed information about the Canine Good Citizen Program

Price: Included with an Advanced Class or $30 a la carte

Therapy Dog Training

For more information on Therapy Dog Training please click on the "Become a Therapy Dog Team" tab on the index above.​

Behavioral Training at Dog Bootcamp in Orlando, “stay and train”
Boot Camp

This is a great option if you have problems controlling your dog, they have significant and/or well developed behavioral issues, OR if you simply do not have the time to train your dog yourself! During this boot camp option we change EVERYTHING. We develop an exercise regime, train a list of obedience commands, integrate your dog into our pack, and most importantly we do "immersion training" by desensitizing your dog to different environments and training in the ones that trigger their unwanted behaviors (parks, vets, ect). At the end of the "camp" we will have a training session with you (the pet parent) to show you everything they learned, give you a list of their learned commands and how/when to use them, and teach you how to maintain the training and stay in control! We have daily pickups or overnight options for this program, please refer to the Boot Camps page for more details and pricing.

Group dog training and puppy training classes in downtown Orlando

Group Classes

Most of our group classes are held at Animal Medical Clinic of Orlando on Bumby Avenue, with the exception of the Advanced (Canine Good Citizen) Class which is held at Lake Eola Park. Below are the outlines of coursework and pricing. Please contact us for next start-up dates!

Puppy and Beginner Level Course 

Age: Any

Objective: Problem Behavior Correction (jumping, biting, barking, ect), Basic obedience, Loose Leash Walking, Supervised Socialization, and more!

Commands: Focus, Crate, Sit, Down, Stay, Drop it/Take it, Come, Leave it

Price: $150 for 5 week course


Intermediate Level Course

Age: Any

Pre-requisites: Completion of Beginner/Puppy Course or Equivalent Skills

Objective: Adding distractions and difficulty to basic commands and learning more complex behaviors

Commands: Heel, Go to your spot, Wait (boundary control), Target, and more!

Price: $150 for 5 week course


Advanced (Canine Good Citizen) Class

Age: Any

Pre-requisites: Intermediate Course OR Comparable Skills

Location: Lake Eola Park

Objective: Advanced Level Obedience and Prep for the CGC Evaluation

Commands: All the steps of the CGC Program, Advanced Distraction Training, Off-Leash Prep Training

Price: $150 for 5 week course and CGC Evaluation 

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